No period of time has helped to shape the world as we know quite like the Industrial Revolution.  This period of time, which stretched from the late 18th century to 1914 helped the entire world to evolve, both socially and technologically.  The advances during this long stretch of time included those in the manufacturing industry, which was just developing, communications, metallurgy, transportation, and energy development.

While this revolution originally started in Britain, the Industrial Revolution in America would provide a number of influential inventions, many of which helped to create new standard for the making of goods and products.  Inventions like the cotton gin, the spinning Jenny, and the steam engine would move various industries away from an animal or personal method of creating items and replace it with a mechanized way of creating the same goods, often at a much lower price.

Along with the massive boom in almost every industry the revolution touched, social change and advancement would quickly follow, including an increase in wages, a growth in population, and new schools of thought.

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The many influential people who took part in the American Industrial Revolution.
Social Effects
Social effect of the Industrial Revolution helped to shape the nation as we know it today. During no other period of time has so much social change taken place.
The American Industrial Revolution marked the development of numerous new inventions, including many we still use today.