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The Industrial Revolution in America

The Industrial Revolution in America began in 1760 and ended in 1840. The Industrial Revolution was basically a transition to a different type of manufacturing process that ushered in the use of machines instead of people just using their hands.
The assembly line is a major symbol of the Industrial Revolution as it signifies individuals running machines to speed up the process of building something.
Other major innovations that occured were making water power more efficient, taking steam power to a new level, and developing all kinds of new tools using machines.

Coal became the fuel of choice instead of wood, and machines were powered by the coal.

Many very important technological advancements occured during the Industrial Revolution.
Among those were textile manufacturing, metallurgy, the use of steam power, the creation of machine tools, the development of new chemicals, the creation of cement,
the use of gas lighting, the invention of the paper machine, advancements in mining and agriculture, and many others.

As new innovations developed the Industrial Revolution sparked advancements in many aspects of society. Better transportation methods were created and better standards of living were achieved.
Most historians agree that the Industrial Revolution in America was the most important advancement in human history since people domesticated animals.